Sentimental Supper For Two – Simple to Cook and Exquisite to Eat

Sentimental Supper For Two – Simple to Cook and Exquisite to Eat

Spring is here and love is noticeable all around, so why not get your dearest a sentimental supper a deux? All things considered, there’s no better path to your cherished one’s heart than through their stomach. I’m thinking along the lines of 70’s retro ‘Surf and Turf.’ The uplifting news is this simple 3 course supper won’t burn up all available resources or expect you to go through hours at the stove. Aside from the steak, everything else can be made ahead of time, so in the event that you need to up the counter and intrigue your darling, make certain to make the bearnaise sauce to serve nearby the steak. So first off it’s prawn mixed drink, primary course is the ideal steak presented with triple cooked french fries and bearnaise sauce followed by a sweet of ‘petit pots au chocolate.’ More on that later…

Here’s Your Cooking Request To Forestall Frenzy!

Morning or Day Prior:

Make the treat and refrigerate

Prep the French fries up to stage 3 and refrigerate


Bring the steak up to room temperature – 1 hr ahead

Make up the prawn mixed drinks and refrigerate

Make the bearnaise sauce and keep warm – ½ hour before serving

Cook the steaks and warmth the oil for the last chip broiling stage

Fry off the chips for 5 minutes while the steaks are resting

This chocolate pastry is so amazingly simple to make yet debauchedly rich with a smooth sleek surface. Who needs convoluted when love is noticeable all around?

We should Begin With Pastry…

Petit Pots au Chocolate


4 oz dim chocolate least 80% cocoa

6 fl oz or ¾ cup creamer cream

2 tbsp caster sugar

2 tbsp Baileys alcohol

This is what You Do:

Break the chocolate into minor pieces (a nourishment processor is best as it lessens the chocolate to a powder), yet you could place it in a pack and slam with a moving pin). The fact of the matter is it make the pieces little so the soften quicker. Warmth the single cream and sugar in the microwave (or on the stove) until it just arrives at bubbling.

Tip the chocolate into the hot cream and mix until softened, it will quickly thicken. Include the Baileys alcohol and mix well. Fill two little dishes and refrigerate for a few hours. There! Disclosed to you it was simple!!!

Presently for the prawn mixed drink.

A cool, fiery and succulent starter. Could you ask for anything better? To get the ideal combo you need 33% every one of prawns, lettuce and sauce.


½ lb little cooked Candian prawns

4 Romaine lettuce leaves

6 infant cherry tomatoes

½ lemon

2 level tbsp great quality mayonnaise

1 level tbsp ketchup

1 tsp Dijon mustard

Squeeze cayenne pepper

This is what You Do:

Tip the prawns into a sifter and leave to deplete. Shred the lettuce leaves and set aside. Cut or quarter the cherry tomatoes (a serrated blade is best for this) and put with the lettuce. Blend the mayonnaise, ketchup and Dijon together in the bowl. Presently zip it up with a scramble of cayenne and a crush of lemon – not all that much – around 1 tbsp generally the sauce will be excessively runny. Mix in the prawns, lettuce and tomato covering them well with the sauce. Spoon into sundae glasses, design with a cut of lemon and refrigerate until required. Presently for the French fries. Lets be realistic, you can’t beat hand crafted fries. Triple cooked are overly fresh and the best in the business.

Ingredients:3 huge floury potatoes

Ocean salt

1½ pints vegetable or sunflower oil

This is what You Do:Peel the potatoes at that point trim off their gathered sides and square them together. Cut into ½ inch thick cuts lengthways and afterward again into strips, giving you fries.

Spot the fries in a pot, spread with cold water and leave to drench for 10 minutes. Next, flush them altogether, spread with crisp virus water and include a scramble of salt. Spot over a high warmth and when they come up to the bubble, cook for 5-7 minutes. Puncture the middle with a blade, they need to be softish however not completely cooked.

Channel into a strainer and run under the virus tap to stop further cooking. Pat dry with a fabric at that point mastermind on a plate fixed with retentive kitchen paper and stick in the cooler for 30 minutes. Following 25 minutes, fill a pan a third brimming with oil and spot on a medium warmth. Presently test cook a French fry first. The oil is prepared when it encompasses the French fry with 100’s of modest air pockets. Try not to pack the dish or the temperature will drop. Generally fry them in little clumps, for approx 3-4 minutes and evacuate with an opened spoon when they’re simply beginning to shading. Channel onto crisp sheets of permeable kitchen paper and permit to cool for 10 minutes before coming back to the cooler for 30 minutes. (You can set up the French fries up to this stage and keep refrigerated for 24 hours if important.

The Following Night

Take the steaks out the fridge an hour prior to you intend to sit and eat.

Make up the prawn mixed drink.

Presently start the bearnaise sauce.

This great French sauce is the ideal ally to steak and not awful with chicken, fish and vegetables either. It’s made a similar path as a hollandaise, however don’t let that put you off on the grounds that this formula is basically bomb confirmation! All that is required is a little tolerance and some low warmth!


2 medium egg yolks – room temp

1½ sticks unsalted spread

1 shallot or a couple of onion cuts

enormous bunch crisp tarragon

1 tsp dark peppercorns

4 tbsp white wine vinegar


This is what You Do:

Soften the spread over a low warmth or in the microwave until it gets fluid. Expel from the warmth and let it settle, at that point strain off the reasonable brilliant fluid into one of the cups and set aside. Dispose of the smooth silt. Finely hack the tarragon leaves, set aside 1½ tbsp and tip the rest of a little pot. Include the vinegar, peppercorns, onion or shallot and bubble over a high warmth for approx 5 minutes or until the fluid has diminished to a tablespoon, at that point empty through a tea strainer into the subsequent cup and set it aside.

33% fill a pan with boiling water and spot over a high warmth. Separate the eggs and tip the yolks into the bowl. Include the vinegar decrease and spot over the pan of water. Quickly diminish the temperature to a low warmth. Whisk the yolks until they become light and cushy – approx 5 minutes at that point turn off the warmth and keep whisking, keeping the bowl over the pot of high temp water.

Next, gradually start dribbling the fluid spread onto the yolks, whisk persistently until smooth. Keep including the spread along these lines – gradually and at the same time whisking energetically until the sauce is thick – approx 10 minutes. Try not to stress if the sauce appears to be slender in the first place, it will progressively thicken up as you include the margarine. Keep the sauce warm over a container of boiling water however off the warmth, else it will part. In the event that the sauce gets too thick include a sprinkle of high temp water.

Put two plates in a low broiler to warm.

Time To Cook The Steak!

Spot a dry griddle over a high warmth until it’s burning hot (you need to hear a ‘sizzle’ when the steak reaches the skillet. On the off chance that it doesn’t the skillet isn’t sufficiently hot). Rub the steaks liberally with oil and season with ocean salt and dark pepper. Cook the steaks in a dry dish without oil or margarine

Turn down the warmth somewhat once your steaks are burned on the two sides.

Manual for Cooking Times

The occasions given are a guide in particular and allude to a sirloin steak around 1? thick. Various cuts or thicker steaks will require longer cooking occasions and more slender steaks less. Make sure to take your steaks off the warmth BEFORE they are prepared, as they will continue cooking. The table underneath gives you harsh cooking times.

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